Photo Booth Variety

It’s your wedding or event! Don’t be forced into settling of just any photo booth.

Did you know One Fun Photo Booth offers the largest selection of photo booths in Twin Falls, Sun Valley, and Southern Idaho? So instead of one boring booth that offers the same boring looking strip and the same props that are given to everyone, One Fun Photobooth can give you the photo booth that matches your wedding, your event, your style, your theme, your taste and even customize the complete experience for you and your guests.
Traditional Photo Booth

Open Style Photo Booth

Their open style booth gives you all the features of the enclosed booth without the enclosure adding a nice 10×10 backdrop for guests to stand in front of. This is great for when you want that open vibe where your guests can just walk up with their props and get their fun photos taken. This booth can be styled in so many ways from red carpet Hollywood photo booth to sequins to a green screen where any backdrop can be created.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth that One Fun Photobooth has was custom built for them and there are no other booths out there with its rich technology and features. This booth makes a statement! It is interactive, intuitive and even complements your guests right on the mirror. If you are looking for a grand photo booth for your wedding or event the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is for you.

Glamper Photo Booth

Picture a 1962 fully restored glamper (camp trailer) with a photo booth built right in. Daisy is the latest addition to the One Fun Photobooth lineup. She is only 8’x8′ and can be towed most anywhere. She is light enough that she can be parked on your lawn and she is large enough you can fit the family inside for photos. She is vintage, nostalgic and was born in Provo Utah. The imagination creators at MME painstakingly restored her with over 1500 man-hours of work so that everything is perfect for your event.

One Fun Photo Bus

Bella the One Fun Photo Bus is a 1976VW Bus that has been restored to perfection. Inside you will find a luxurious back seat where your guests will sit and across from them will be a photo booth that is disguised to fit in with the vintage vibe. Every detail has been designed with a Disney-like flare that makes her a one of a kind photo booth. This vintage boho photo bus fits in most anywhere from Sun Valley weddings to corporate events.

FlipBook Movie Photobooth

Flipbooks, that crazy party fad that is now sweeping the country can now be found at One Fun Photobooth. The One Fun Photobooth Flipbook is a 30 page 2in X 3in book made from 6-7 seconds of video that when flipped with your thumb creates an instant entertaining movie from the motion of the pages. In under five minutes your video is converted into a take-home Flip Book.

Photo booths are not an add-on, sideline or afterthought with One Fun Photo Booth. They are a real business that is fully registered with the state of Idaho and is fully insured. They even have a real office on Main St in Twin Falls.

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